Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 4, 8pm, Sidewalk Tzara #9: Film + Dance -- George Manupelli, Katherine Ferrier, Emily Beattie, Will Donovan, Marie Chabert, Marjorie Morgan

February's show marks a new phase for Sidewalk Tzara--the series will now be curated by me, French Clements. Courtney Brown has [decided to focus on Edward Gorey-heroine transubstantiation, and so on, etc]. For my inaugural outing, I'm devoting the night to dance films. We've got some heavy hitters:

George Manupelli--pioneer of film's 1960s avant-garde, founder of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, cinematographer to the Stones--has been holed up for a long while in New Hampshire and wants to share his work again. With us! We'll show some great short films that haven't been seen in public for years, maybe from the original film reels even. (One of Manupelli's earliest collaborators was Steve Paxton, who, in the 1970s, developed the dance technique known as Contact Improvisation.)

Manupelli will show his work with choreographer Katherine Ferrier, also of New Hampshire, to make a new film-dance, performed with Boston-area dancer Jen Green. Ferrier has been working in Contact Improvisation for several decades.

We'll also include shorts from three local artists who work in film: Cambridge choreographer Emily Beattie brings Affected Structures; Will Donovan shows a work for modified digital video made with London-based choreographer Marie Chabert; and, rounding out the evening, cross-media artist Marjorie Morgan shows a film she made in France, Ascent, and two video works for body and voice, Hand Dance and Slough. Morgan's work has, since the 90s, frequently been voted the best of Boston's dance scene the Globe, the Phoenix, and others.


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